• Uncertainty Management in Remanufacturing Decisions

    Uncertainty Management in Remanufacturin

    As market demand for remanufactured products increases and environmental legislation puts further enforcement on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), remanufacturing is…


  • Impact of Additive Manufacturing Adoption on Future of Supply Chains

    Impact of Additive Manufacturing Adoptio

    Although separation of product design from manufacturing capabilities is a major advantage of Additive Manufacturing (AM), the impact of AM…


  • The Impact of Design Features on Consumer Decisions on Returning Back End-of-Use Electronics

    The Impact of Design Features on Consume

    As electronic waste (e-waste) becomes one of the fastest growing environmental concerns, remanufacturing is considered as a promising solution. However,…


  • Managing Consumer Behavior toward On-Time Return of Electronic Waste

    Managing Consumer Behavior toward On-Tim

    Profitability of End-of-Use or End-of-Life (EOU/L) product recovery systems is highly affected by the uncertainties in quantity, quality and timing…


  • Consumer’s product storing behavior

    Consumer’s product storing behavio

    Consumers often have a tendency to store their used, old or un-functional electronics for a period of time before they…


  • Reusability Assessment of Lithium-ion Laptop Batteries

    Reusability Assessment of Lithium-ion La

    The profitable reusability of End-of-Use or End-of-Life (EoU/L) products depends on how consumers have used them over the initial lifecycles…