Data Driven Remanufacturing

  • Environmental Impacts of Industry 4.0

    Environmental Impacts of Industry 4.0

    Smart manufacturing in an Industry 4.0 setting requires developing unique infrastructures for sensing, wired and wireless communications, cyber-space computations and…


  • Optimal Sorting Policies in Remanufacturing Systems

    Optimal Sorting Policies in Remanufactur

    The quality of used products returned to recovery facilities is often highly uncertain. Quality grading and sorting policies are immediate…


  • Integration of Product Life Cycle Data toward Remanufacturing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

    Integration of Product Life Cycle Data t

    The aim of this study is to incorporate the information collected from the product’s usage phase into making appropriate end-of-use…


  • Agent Based Simulation optimization of Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment recovery

    Agent Based Simulation optimization of W

    The profitability of Electronic waste (e-waste) recovery operations is quite challenging due to various sources of uncertainties in quantity, quality…


  • Multi-purpose Disassembly Sequence Planning

    Multi-purpose Disassembly Sequence Plann

    Efficient disassembly operation is considered a promising approach toward waste reduction and End-of-Use (EOU) product recovery. However, many kinds of…


  • Uncertainty Management in Remanufacturing Decisions

    Uncertainty Management in Remanufacturin

    As market demand for remanufactured products increases and environmental legislation puts further enforcement on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), remanufacturing is…