E-waste Management

GETCOT Lab is currently conducting studies on sustainable design and remanufacturing topics including design for product End of Life recovery, uncertainty quantification of e-waste characteristics, data modeling and design under uncertainty.

The research has been sponsored by the ‘National Science Foundation’ and the ‘University at Buffalo.’

  • The current status of the consumer electronics repair industry in the U.S.

    The current status of the consumer elect

    Consumer electronics are turning into consumable devices nowadays, and consumers generally show little inclination to repair broken products due to…


  • Agent Based Simulation optimization of Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment recovery

    Agent Based Simulation optimization of W

    The profitability of Electronic waste (e-waste) recovery operations is quite challenging due to various sources of uncertainties in quantity, quality…


  • Managing Consumer Behavior toward On-Time Return of Electronic Waste

    Managing Consumer Behavior toward On-Tim

    Profitability of End-of-Use or End-of-Life (EOU/L) product recovery systems is highly affected by the uncertainties in quantity, quality and timing…


  • Consumer’s product storing behavior

    Consumer’s product storing behavio

    Consumers often have a tendency to store their used, old or un-functional electronics for a period of time before they…


  • Reusability Assessment of Lithium-ion Laptop Batteries

    Reusability Assessment of Lithium-ion La

    The profitable reusability of End-of-Use or End-of-Life (EoU/L) products depends on how consumers have used them over the initial lifecycles…