Portfolio Category: Sustainable Design

Study of Current Trade-In Programs Available for Used Consumer Electronics

This study carries out an analysis of various trade-in programs available for cellphones in the United States. Product trade-in is one of the methods to recover End-of-Life (EoL) products from consumers. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge amongst consumers about such programs. The study aims to determine the factors which influence the product trade-in…
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Forecasting Energy Demand in the United States

Effective energy planning and governmental decision-making policies heavily rely on accurate forecast of energy demand. In this study we have discussed and compared five different forecasting techniques to model energy demand in the United States using economic and demographic factors. Two artificial neural network (ANN) models, two regression analysis models, and one autoregressive integrated moving…
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The Impact of Design Features on Consumer Decisions on Returning Back End-of-Use Electronics

As electronic waste (e-waste) becomes one of the fastest growing environmental concerns, remanufacturing is considered as a promising solution. However, the profitability of take back systems is hampered by several factors including the lack of information on the quantity and timing of to-be-returned used products to a remanufacturing facility. Product design features, consumers’ awareness of…
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