Portfolio Category: Sustainable Design

Environmental Impacts of Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing in an Industry 4.0 setting requires developing unique infrastructures for sensing, wired and wireless communications, cyber-space computations and information tracking. While an exponential growth in smart infrastructures may impose drastic burdens on the environment, the conventional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) techniques are incapable of quantifying such impacts. Therefore, there is a gap between…
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Heterogeneity in Consumers’ Usage Behavior and Environmental Impact Assessment

In this study, we have developed a framework for understanding the heterogeneity and uncertainties present in the usage phase of the product lifecycle through utilizing the capabilities of Agent Based Modeling (ABM) technique. An ABM framework has been developed to model consumers’ daily product usage decisions and to assess the corresponding electricity consumption patterns. The…
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Business Outcomes of Repairable Products

Product repair is a suggested post-purchase activity toward extending the useful lifespan of a product. However, repairability has not received sufficient attention by manufacturers. Even if the product repairability is not explicitly claimed by manufacturers, it is expected by consumers, thereby impacting their loyalty and future purchase recommendations. In this paper, the impact of consumers’…
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