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The future of recycling

In My Opinion: The future of recycling and the digital right to repair July 30, 2015 By Willie Cade, Founder and CEO, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers I've been in this business long enough that I shouldn’t be surprised that I need to fly 3,000 miles to give a speech to 150 state legislators about the fight…
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Is our consumption sustainable?

The world’s population is generating waste and consuming resources more than ever. In fact, people are consuming much more than they actually need. For how long the planet is able to keep taking this path?! It seems that no matter how sustainable and resource efficient is a product design, we still need to think about…
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The Importance of Product Repairability

The fast-growing stream of  obsolete, but still functional products is becoming an economic and environmental crisis worldwide these days. Whether it is planned by manufacturers or not, a large proportion of unwanted used products are still functional either with or without minor defects. However do consumers tend to repair broken products and reuse them? What…
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Etiam dictum egestas

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