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Cloud-based Remanufacturing

Data Driven Disassembly, Information Supported Product End-of-Use Recovery

Design for Circular Economy

Design for Ease-of-Return, Design for Longer-lasting Products

Green Technologies & Clean Energy

Local Consumption, Energy Sharing, Conscious Consumerism

Environmental Policies & E-waste Management

E-waste Estimation, Laws and Regulations

Current Topics

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    In My Opinion: The future of recycling and the digital right to repair July 30, 2015 By Willie Cade, Founder and CEO, PC Rebuilders...
  • Is our consumption sustainable?
    The world’s population is generating waste and consuming resources more than ever. In fact, people are consuming much more than they actually need....
  • The Importance of Product Repairability
    The fast-growing stream of  obsolete, but still functional products is becoming an economic and environmental crisis worldwide these days. Whether it is planned...